Jordan Jansen is a 19 year old Pop/Rock singer from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Jordan has amassed more than one million followers on Facebook and has more than 700,000 followers on Twitter. His YouTube videos have been viewed nearly 50 Million times, and his YouTube channel is approaching 350,000 subscribers, making it one of the most subscribed Australian channels of all time and third best of all time for an Australian musical act. To put this in perspective, the number four act is rock legends AC/DC.

He has performed in Australia, the United States, Korea, Japan, & Thailand, for crowds of thousands, and has been featured on national and international television and radio, including Australian channels 7, 9, & ABC3.

Jordan’s career began at the age of six after participating in a school talent quest, a competition for grades 1-7 to battle it out for the winning title. Being one of the youngest contestants to compete in a school of 1,000+, Jordan wanted to audition with something that would set him aside from the rest. He wanted to sing. After performing, Jordan waited nervously backstage to hear the results of the competition and was overwhelmed to hear that he had placed second with his rendition of “Robot Man”, a song choice he later grew up to regret.

“Jordan Jansen leads the next generation of Aussie Justin Biebers!” – Courier Mail

Soon after, the young pocket rocket continued to enter competitions around his hometown. All the while, his nana, in New Zealand, who might have been one of his biggest fans at the time, was missing out on his performances due to living overseas. It was then, in 2006, Jordan’s mother became aware of the video-sharing site, YouTube. Not knowing it was a public site, she proceeded to upload videos of her son’s performances online. In no time, the videos clocked up views into the hundreds, then thousands, and not long after, millions. Just as quickly, Jordan went from being a quiet, shy, loving, six year old who loved practicing magic in his bedroom, to an international sensation whose name was known in every nation and whose face was on the cover of dozens of worldwide magazines. Jordan has accumulated upwards of 40 million views across his array of 200+ originals and covers, in genres ranging from pop, R&B, & power ballads, to rock & roll, posted to his YouTube channel.

It was this rapidly growing momentum that caught the eye of Australia’s Got Talent producers, bringing him onto the show in 2010. This was an experience that Jordan doesn’t think he will ever forget.

“A Queensland teenager (Jordan Jansen) dubbed “the new Justin Bieber” has been the state’s biggest YouTube success!” – Brisbane Times

Over the next few years, Jordan fuelled his passion to perform by acting in musicals around Australia. He made it into the final 3 to tour Australia performing in “The Boy From Oz” as young Peter Alan, alongside Hugh Jackman, followed by an offer to audition for Billy Elliot to tour around Australia. Jordan’s love of musicals however, was put on hold, as Australia knew he was destined for much bigger things.

In 2010, Jordan embarked on a journey to the other side of the world, heading to Los Angeles to work with some of the world’s renowned writers and producers. In mid-2011, he was picked up by one of the music industry’s most successful music managers, David Sonenberg, and hit songwriter, Toby Gad. Showcasing Jordan’s talents together day and night, the trio got the attention of the largest record companies in the world, procuring a deal with Sony Music in 2013. Working closely with Kurt Hugo Schneider, Damon Sharpe, Lindy Robbins, Josh Alexander, Rune Westberg, LP, Isaac Hasson, CJ Baran, and performing on stage alongside some of the worlds most viewed YouTuber’s of all time, it is no surprise that Jordan has achieved the great levels of success he has worked his whole life to reach.

Over the course of his career, Jordan has used his celebrity status to bring attention to a cause that is close to his heart, anti-bullying. He has recorded and uploaded several videos to YouTube on the subject, promoted awareness and put the word out to children worldwide that bullying is unacceptable and that there are resources to help those who are bullied find peace. He portrays this message through his original songs, such as ‘Be My Superhero’, & ‘Break Free, It’ll be Okay’. The response Jordan received was absolutely phenomenal and nothing short of lifesaving for some.

“Suicidal while listening to this... Saved me yet again... You were so young to write a song like this is amazing, you were 12/13 at the time and to save so many people with one song is amazing... Inspirational...” – Tiffany Foster

In 2015 & 2016, Jordan continued to expand his international audience with a performance in South Korea as the headlining act. There he performed with a live band in front of an audience of thousands. During this trip, Jordan was interviewed by some of Korea’s most well-known TV & radio stations. More recently, Jordan began working with award winning international authors, lending his voice and unique style to bring the characters and stories of their books to life, an endeavour he really enjoys. Jordan is also excited to announce that his debut EP of 5 original songs, one of which he wrote himself, is currently available now on iTunes [click here] and all other major digital stores worldwide.

“Jordan Jansen has been recording up a storm in Los Angeles and is set to rock the music scene.” – Dolly Magazine

As 2017 begins, Jordan has big plans.

He hopes to continue his rise in the world of music, performing both in his native Australia as well as internationally.

With a debut EP that charted around the world, and an ever growing fan base of millions, it is evident Jordan has no intentions of slowing down any time soon.

Jordan is currently available to sing, performing in concert, on tour and in both local and international venues.